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Are You Ready to Put Your Wellbeing on Top of Your To-do List?

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Some Important Statistics

A report done by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce indicates that:

  • More than 60 percent of employers said workplace wellness programs reduced their organizations’ healthcare costs

  • Practical wellness programs have a return on investment of $1.50 to $3 per dollar spent over two to nine years.


I inspire Leaders to translate the science of well-being so that their teams can maximize Each Day and positively impact the world with their unique gifts.

Concretely, I empower you to :


  • Improve Employee Emotional Health Behaviors.

  • Improve Productivity.

  • Decrease Absenteeism.

  • Improve Employee Retention.

  • Sustain High Employee Morale.

Meet Stéphanie

Stef profile Pic.png

I always thought that when I'd graduate, found a job and have a family; then I'd be happy.

For many years, I was a Goal-Chaser: busy doing in the hope of pleasing everyone and finding happiness in their eyes.

So I started my career, found my prince charming, and got married, yet, I found myself in a miserable state. Only two years into my "perfect life", I had hit rock bottom.

I had two choices:

Have a pity party & stay in the funk (I did for a while) OR
live my life authentically and freely.

So I went on a 12-year journey to discover my definition of wellness and what it would mean to me to live with purpose.

I'm not going to lie; this was sooo hard. The opposition was real! Plus, all this was way out of my "nice girl" comfort zone.
But life's purpose is about growing spiritually, which is only possible with some friction.

Now, I empower busy leaders to stop faking the funk and to put their well-being on the top of their to-do lists.

Join me on this journey by allowing me to be your guide to stop trying to please everyone, and establish healthy boundaries to positively impact the world, with your unique gifts, without sacrificing your well-being.


How to thrive in chaos

Talk Topics

When you are going through a difficult situation (professional problems, a conflict with your friend, a breakup, work overload, etc.) instead of blaming yourself and others, would you like to have concrete strategies at hand to take back control and come out stronger? This is what you will learn in the conference « How to thrive in chaos».

Learning objectives

· Learn the negative effects of blame, repressing your emotions, and self-criticism.

· Discover 1 simple research-based mindfulness strategy for busy people.

· Learn 3 transformative exercises to help you manage stress better, maintain your productivity and increase your wellbeing.

Defuse and manage conflicts at work in a hybrid context

In recent years, work in a hybrid context has been accompanied by an increase in conflicts in teams. According to CPP Inc., 85% of employees experience unavoidable conflicts at work. Some are related to specific issues related to the pandemic, such as non-compliance with protocols. Others are indirectly related, such as the lack of citizenship in virtual meetings.

The lack of face-to-face contact in a hybrid work context has the effect of accentuating conflicts, particularly related to tasks, age differences, remote team management groups or skills with different expectations can turn into relational conflicts more quickly. This is a phenomenon that psychologists call “the online disinhibition effect”.

In a context where there is already a labour shortage challenge, it becomes necessary to take action to limit the negative effects of workplace conflict and to capitalize on the benefits of implementing strategies.

But how can we maintain team cohesion in this new, increasingly virtual work environment? What are the strategies to defuse and better manage team conflicts in a hybrid context, which we will discuss in this workshop?

Learning Objectives

  • Know the main causes of conflict in a remote work environment and their impact on organizational relationships.

  • Identify winning strategies to better communicate in a virtual work environment.

  • Discover transformative activities that will inspire your teams to better manage their professional relationships, employee productivity and organizational well-being.



Pricille Gélinas.jpg

Our Organization has hired Stéphanie Dauphin as a Speaker for many years to promote Wellness. Our clients, from different backgrounds & ages, all came out motivated & with a positive mindset. Because of the wellness strategies Stéphanie shared, our clients were able to have a more positive perspective of their current situations & even see themselves more positively. Plus, they were able to discover the strength that they had. Thank you, Stéphanie.

Priscille Gélinas, Employment and Communications Advisor at the Étape Center.

Myriam Gagnon.jpg

After identifying the significant needs of our members, we were looking for a resource person to encourage them to take better care of themselves.

During one of our monthly meetings, we asked Stéphanie Dauphin to present her conference.

Stéphanie shared simple and concrete tools to apply positive assertiveness, self-esteem, compassion and gratitude.

In addition, through her professionalism, empathetic approach and attentive listening, Madame Dauphin facilitated the exchanges of participants and the expression of their emotions.

All our members present were delighted, as evidenced by their many comments of appreciation.

I am so convinced that this presentation has met the needs of our members that I have already booked Stéphanie' speaking services for her to continue to teach our members about wellbeing next spring!

Thank you,

Myriam Gagnon
Crossroads of Caregivers.

Caroline YWCA.png

Thank you very much, Stéphanie, for your presentations at the Étinc’elle's workshops at the YWCA. Your workshop was super interesting and relevant for a program like this, which invites women to work on themselves to increase their self-esteem and personal confidence. For these women, it can sometimes be difficult to recognize their unique strengths through their difficult experiences, but you have been able to support women in this process positively and respectfully. From the beginning, I felt that the women were comfortable in your presence. They also showed their trust by opening up to you and sharing their experiences with the group. They were able to learn to recognize their strengths and the progress they have made so far. It’s a very meaningful accomplishment! Thank you for your involvement with these women. It really makes a difference in their lives!

Caroline Perron, 
Project Manager at YWCA

Rachel G, BNY Mellon.jpeg

I highly recommend Stéphanie as a speaker. She gave a conference on the theme of diversity at work that was highly appreciated by the organizers (IMPACT) for the Bank of New York (BNY) and the company's employees. Thank you very much, Stéphanie for the open-mindedness, professionalism and charisma you have shown!

Rachel Grobli  Experienced Financial Administrator at
BNY Mellon

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