I believe that people who use their unique gift to create a business are more happy and successful. Why? Because they use what God, the Universe or whoever you believe in to make a real difference in the world. I show 9 to 5ers how to find their unique gift and use it to start a side business they love. Helping you achieve more happiness, abundance and success in your life is my way of making a positive difference in the world. 


Brandon Voorman3D Programmer

Stéphanie’s online presence demonstrated her professionalism and expertise in the realm of startup coaching. We corresponded through social media, where she readily provided tailored advice and encouragement.

I recently attended one of Stéphanie’s conference, where we discussed strategies for the entrepreneurial minded employee, looking to start a side business. She was insightful and knowledgeable, and knew exactly which questions to ask to get me thinking.

As someone who also works a full-time job, I feel ready more than ever to start my own side business.

NarcisseSoul Diva Records

Hi dear, I wanted to say a big thank you for your advice, your good humor and the wonderful person that you are, always there to encourage and support us and we need more nice people like you in this world xoxo

SaïdnaLa Touche Finale

The exercises given by Stephanie are brilliant. She helped me realize that I needed to start my business. Thank you again for all the great strategies.


The first step is to  become disciplined to progress towards my goal to start my business. One baby step at a time. Thank you for your help Stéphanie!


I loved taking the 21-day challenge. Before that I had an idea of starting a business but didn’t really think about the details. The challenge helped me realize the importance strengths, customer groups and also loved the fact that it started with a gratitude day! It was such an eye-opener and now I feel more directed and confident in starting a business.


Before participating in Stephanie’s 21 Day Challenge to Start A Side Business, I knew exactly what I wanted to do. However I had so many chains holding me back. Engaging with Stephanie and others in the challenge daily, helped to to focus and to remain inspired and to take action and to quit procrastinating. Being in that environment charged with motivation made a difference.