The Your Re-Creation Program

Start a lucrative side business you love on your spare time

Your Re-Creation Program is a step-by-step 6 weeks training course that will help you quit your office job, one step at a time, and create the life you always dreamed of with all the freedom, joy and abundance you know you deserve.
More precisely, the Your Re-Creation program shows you exactly how to start your lucrative side business in details even with your busy schedule (with work, parental responsibilities, etc.). It tells you exactly what to do from how to find your unique gift to how to create your product or service and how to promote and sale it. All this with the time and resources you have now. 

The worst business idea is the one that stays in your head.

Stéphanie Dauphin

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I help businesses build striving growth strategies here:  and help business women build prosperous businesses. 

I worked for many years in a job I was so done with and I know exactly the challenges you face when you want to start a side business you love. From the fear of starting a new project, to the deep desire of creating something of your own, to the anxiety of not knowing where to begin with when starting a business, to the lack of confidence in your entrepreneurs’ skills, to the fear of failure and more. I’ve always been a super practical person with a constant need to know how to do things. In that sense, I’ve deconstructed the business world and broke it down into clear steps you need to take to succeed. I’m here to help you live the life of your dreams by sharing with you simple but effective tips to do more of what you love in your side business and in your life. Yes, even though you’re super busy, now is still the best time to start living with passion. You owe it to yourself and to the world who needs your unique gift. I’ll show you how to start your lucrative side business without having to quit your job.


We have what you need to get your started with your side business. From motivational wear to one-on-one sessions, we got you covered. Come get what you need to start created your lucrative life now. 

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